Make a far greater impact. It happens — sooner than you think when you earn your MBA from the Australian Institute of Management Business School (AIM Business School).


With an MBA from AIM Business School, suddenly you’re infusing your industry with new ideas, offering better approaches, and making a positive indelible mark. The AIM Business School MBA curriculum offers a new approach to corporate and community leadership as part of a sophisticated educational learning experience. Whether you are an ambitious professional keen to take the next step into leadership; an experienced leader keen to sharpen your skills and transform your leadership; or an entrepreneur looking to shape your business, the AIM Business School programs are an effective and inspiring way to realise your personal and professional ambitions. The AIM Business School MBA offers a combination of benefits:


AIM was formed in 1941 as the peak body for managers and leaders with campuses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney. An MBA from the AIM Business School is a powerful way to make a positive impact on your career and the world. Leveraging of the AIM history of over 75 years, the AIM School MBA provides an academically sound, practical, learning experience - not an elitist one.

The courses are designed to equip experienced and emerging working professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage an organisation, provide leadership and direction to a team of people, manage budgets and finances, guide the marketing activities, and contribute to the strategic direction of your organisation in the challenging 21st century global environment. If quality and flexibility is important to you, due to your busy schedule, the AIM Business School MBA will fit into your lifestyle.

You will have the flexibility of the learning approach and the ability to study modules that are designed to suit your career goals. This courses are fully accredited, flexible, engaging, affordable and features academic rigour grounded in practical learning that you can relate directly to your workplace.


The AIM Business School MBA is a career development, generalist qualification designed for experienced professionals. These are suited to working professionals looki-ng to accelerate career opportunities through promotion and/or those wishing to advance their career in different sectors. The emphasis is on building knowledge and understanding of management theory and practice via core subjects in management such as managing people, money, markets, and corporate strategy and responsibility.

To ensure the knowledge and skills you gain through the program are relevant, we maintain close links with industry. The Teaching Faculty of Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology to provide supplementary support is approved by AIM Business School and consists of appropriately academically qualified senior practitioners from a broad representation of sectors, including banking and finance, higher education, technology, human resources, professional services, the not for profit sector, and government.


The program includes supplementary weekly workshops. A key benefit of these workshops is to provide students with face-to-face learning interactions, as well as opportunities to develop relationships through networking with other students. Learn new skills and apply them at the office.
How does that happen?
It begins with your learning materials and Gian Jyoti Teaching Faculty who inspire you with new perspectives on pressing business issues. It happens when you share your own work challenges and benefit from the collective knowledge in the classroom. As you and your learning team work in collaboration, the problem-solving isn’t just academic but practical, ensuring both personal and professional transformation.


The AIM Business School MBA embraces a philosophy of individual initiative. No matter what your field is, whether your firm is large or small, corporate or not for profit, you can embrace the entrepreneurial spirit from your learning experience — and it will serve you, enabling you to identify, value, and capture opportunity throughout your career for yourself, the organisation within which you work, and make a positive difference for an improved society.


Traditional MBA involves several individual subjects and semesters being offered generally over a 18-24-month period. For a busy executive, this makes learning susceptible to external factors such as unexpected work and personal issues that could occur during this time.

The AIM Business School study model offered in India is based on two subjects studied over a period of three months. This means that students need to focus on just two subjects at a time, in addition to their usual personal and professional obligations. The fact that there are assessments rather than exams contributes to high completion rates, as students are continuously motivated and learning through doing, and capitalising on their professional experience.

Typically, students studying the AIM Business School MBA are working professionals. They are usually in a mid-higher management or leadership position, or currently managing a team of people within an organization, with a strong professional background. Since the majority of students possess significant management experience, the dialogue in the classroom is not just between faculty and students, but also among students themselves. Students have the opportunity to work in a team, learning from each other. This is a feature emphasised by the AIM Business School Programs, which is consistent with the way the leading edge postgraduate education industry is evolving.


The AIM Business School is approved by the Australian Higher Education regulator, TEQSA and is fully accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirements.


Applications are welcome from suitably qualified individuals with at least 2 years of managerial experience. Usually, an applicant who would have a recognised undergraduate degree, with a minimum of two years of management/work experience, would be the ideal candidate.


Entry can also be considered if an applicant does not have an undergraduate degree but holds an Australian or Australian Equivalent Vocational Diploma such as HND (i.e CIM, CIMA, ABE or Edexcel HND), with at least 3 years of management/work experience.
Those applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree or a vocational Diploma, but who can provide evidence of holding at least 5 years of senior management experience can also apply.
To apply, submit the fully completed application form, a copy of your CV Including your academic and work experience history along with certified copies of your educational certificates.


There will be a weekly supplementary tutorial/coaching class for each unit. The duration of the class is 2 hours only. A calendar of classes will be provided upon enrolment confirmation.


Completion of the program, degree, transcript and testimonials are awarded by the Australian Institute of Management Business School.


Edge Career Solutions is an approved promoter and facilitator of the AIM Business School MBA Program.
All students are enrolled directly with AIM Business School. Program contents are delivered directly by AIM Business School via its Learning Management Portal – myABS. ECS only provide learning support and facilitate the program.
Supplementary weekly support tutorials and coaching classes are delivered by qualified faculty of Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology, approved and inducted by AIM Business School as their International Teaching Fellows.