Human Resource is backbone of any industry. Trained, skilled professionals are sought by every sector and for this they look to academia to provide them manpower which understands their need and is skilled enough to start doing executive roles. There is gap in every demand and supply of relevant resource. This gap is huge and is increasing every day. One of the major reasons is competitive market. No wonder if this gap is not addressed it leads to weak economy.

Project EDGECSL is launched with intent of bridging this industry – academia gap.

With years of experience behind us, we have worked with both industry and academia. This benefitted us to understand what the demand is and how it can be met. Project EDGECSL is leaving no stone unturned which leads to benefit both industry and academia expectations.

Our programs are designed to provide know how to candidates on application of skills they have in the best interest of organization they are going to work with. We groom them, build their confidence, educate them on basics, add skills and finally send them to professional world to prove what they have learnt at EDGECSL.