International Career Pathways

Program Highlights
International bridging programs are for students who are aspiring for further studies at overseas location. There is complete guidance and assistance provided to the student in facilitating admission in right program at right college or university. Along with this student is introduced to language and culture of the country so that they can comfortably adapt to the society. This also helps them in exploring better career opportunities in case they are interested in it.
What all it covers
IELTS | Admission Consultation and Facilitation| Visa Consultation and Facilitation| Language program | Introduction to country and culture | Important helplines | Food | Fashion | Stay | Work opportunities | Process for extending stay
When to start
It’s rolling admission process so you may enter anytime in upcoming batch. The delivery time is 2 months.
Key features of program

  • Program is delivered by International Education and language experts as per their area of expertise
  • Short term international tour can be arranged to college or university, on demand basis, in case student are interested to visit and then decide for admission in any particular college .